With her traditional lines and Feadship pedigree the 53m/175′ MIRAGE epitomises classic superyacht charm, yet delve a little deeper and you find interiors and amenities at the highest levels of modern luxury.


1 Master | 1 Vip | 2 Double | 4 Twin
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Zaira Ruiz 


Nationality: Spanish
Languages: English & Spanish

Zaira was born and raised in Malaga, Spain. From a tender age, her heart was captivated by the sea, leading her to plunge into the depths as a diver at the age of 8. Today, she stands as a distinguished dive instructor, holding the prestigious title of PADI Master Dive Instructor.

Summers for Zaira meant sailing camps, where her connection with the ocean deepened, culminating in the completion of a RYA practical sailing course. Driven by her profound love for diving, traveling, and the vast expanse of the sea, she ventured into the yachting industry, envisioning a future as a chief officer.

In her leisure moments, Zaira finds joy in traversing the globe, embracing the camaraderie of volleyball matches, exploring the wonders beneath the waves, and forging connections with fellow adventurers from all corners of the world. With her radiant spirit, she uplifts the entire crew, ensuring that every journey is imbued with positivity and camaraderie.

Jessica Weavers 


Nationality: British
Languages: English

Jessica grew up in a small town called Cheltenham in Cotswold, United Kingdom

Her passion for massage and beauty therapy blossomed from a young age, which led her to complete her level 2 and 3 spa therapist training, accompanied by additional certifications in cancer massage, facials, and body wraps.

Since 2019, Jessica has been dedicated to providing top-tier spa treatments, ensuring each client receives the utmost care and relaxation. After a stint in the HR industry within the financial services sector, she felt drawn to the yachting world.

Jessica’s decision to enter the yachting industry stemmed from her desire to share her exceptional massage skills, explore the globe, gain invaluable life experiences, and forge connections within the industry. Proficient in various massage techniques, Jessica brings a wealth of expertise to her role.

Off-duty, Jessica enjoys leisurely strolls, invigorating spin classes, and maintaining an active lifestyle. You’ll often find her unwinding in a coffee shop, surrounded by her closest friends.

Nikolina Brozovic

Chief Stewardess

Nationality: Croatian
Languages: English & Croatian

Nina comes from Ogulin, a serene mountain town in central Croatia, yet her spirit always gravitated towards the sea. Spending seven dynamic years as a PR and sports entertainer at a coastal resort, she seamlessly blended adventure with charm. 

During this time, she also pursued a professional handball career for eighteen years, alongside completing her studies in Landscape Architecture and earning a graduate diploma from Fitness University in Rijeka, Croatia.

In 2017, Nina embarked on a new chapter with Mirage, swiftly ascending the ranks to Chief Stewardess by 2021. Renowned for her infectious positivity, unwavering drive, and commitment to teamwork, Nina shines in orchestrating group activities and setting impeccable standards of service.

In her time off, fueled by a thirst for new experiences, Nina’s life is a whirlwind of constant travel, outdoor adventures, dedicated work on her photography and design side business, and fulfilling volunteer work at local animal charities.

Elouise Daniel

Head Chef

Nationality: British 
Languages: English

Elouise was born in Bath in the UK, a beautiful city named after its Roman built baths. Elouise started her career working under a Michelin star chef at a high end seafood restaurant. Here she gained a lot  of enthusiasm for chef work which led her to work at other various top restaurants,  as well as working as a private chef.

 Her love of travel led her to a ski season in Verbier working as a sole chef in a luxury ski chalet. She naturally transitioned to the yachting industry after this.

Elouise focuses on Mediterranean cuisine, but she adores a wide variety of cuisines holding authentic ingredients, flavors and cooking processes paramount. She also sources inspiration from her interest in nutrition, fermentation, preserving and plant based cooking techniques. 

In her free time, Elouise enjoys hiking, reading, music and wild swimming.